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Colocation hosting with remote hands and rack assist

Enhancing Your Managed Colocation Hosting with Remote Hands and Rack Assist

At HOSTAFRICA, we understand that your business demands not only top-notch hosting solutions, but also the ease of managing your server infrastructure. That’s why we offer Remote Hands and Rack Assist services, designed to make your Managed Colocation hosting experience even more seamless.

What is Remote Hands and Rack Assist?

Remote Hands and Rack Assist is an add-on service that empowers you with on-demand technical assistance, even when you’re not physically present in our state-of-the-art data centres. Here’s how it works:

Remote Hands Support at Your Fingertips

Cost: R 100 per 15-minute slot

Our Remote Hands technicians are your trusted hands on-site, available by appointment when you need them. They can perform a range of physical tasks, including:

Server Reboots: Need a quick server reboot? No problem. Our technicians can execute this for you promptly.

Hardware Installation: Whether it’s adding new hardware or replacing components, our experts can ensure it’s done correctly.

Cable Management: Tangled cables can be a nightmare. Let our technicians organise and manage them efficiently.

Basic Troubleshooting: Encounter an issue? Our Remote Hands team can provide basic troubleshooting assistance to get things back on track.

Visual Verification and Equipment Status

Sometimes, you need eyes on your equipment. Our technicians can help with equipment status checks: They’ll inspect indicator lights, verify cable connections, and report any physical concerns or issues swiftly.

Network Connectivity: Whether it’s patching, re-routing, or ensuring proper network connections, our experts have you covered.


In conclusion, HOSTAFRICA’s Remote Hands and Rack Assist services are the perfect complement to our Managed Colocation hosting. It puts you in control, even when you’re miles away, and ensures your equipment is managed, maintained, and optimised to the highest standards. With this service, your IT team gains a valuable ally to keep your server infrastructure running smoothly, leaving you to focus on what matters most—your business’ success.

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