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Colocation attended access

Attended Access for Managed Colocation Clients at HOSTAFRICA

At HOSTAFRICA, we prioritise the security and efficient management of your valuable server infrastructure. For Managed Colocation clients, we offer Attended Access services to ensure the highest standards of care for your hardware.

Attended Access Details

Cost: R 150 for once-off attended access

As a Managed Colocation client, you’ll have the privilege of physically accessing your equipment under the supervision of a HOSTAFRICA technician. This service guarantees that your server visits are not only secure, but also professionally assisted.

By Appointment Only: For the convenience of our clients and to maintain the integrity of our data centre facilities, all visits must be scheduled in advance. Please note the following important details:

Appointment Requirement: Access to our data centre facilities is strictly by appointment only. We kindly request that you make an appointment before planning your visit.

Penalty Fee: To ensure that scheduled visits run smoothly and to respect the time of our technicians, please make every effort to honour your appointment. Failure to appear at a pre-scheduled appointment without prior cancellation will result in a penalty fee.

Operating Hours

Attended access to our Data Center facilities is available during our standard operating hours:

Monday – Friday: 08:00 AM to 04:00 PM

During these hours, our expert technicians will be on hand to assist you with your hardware-related needs, ensuring a seamless and secure experience.

At HOSTAFRICA, we are committed to delivering the highest level of service and security for your IT infrastructure. Our Attended Access service is designed to provide Managed Colocation clients with the best possible experience when visiting our data centre facilities. Your convenience and the safety of your equipment are our top priorities.

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