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Black Friday specials this weekend only

Hosting Black Friday at HOSTAFRICA HQ

Let’s not beat around the bush.

We know you’re out to bag as many specials this Black Friday and Cyber Monday as possible. Honestly, we’re obliged to indulge you in your quest for bargains, that’s why we decided to host a massive savings party on our website.

The steady increase in cost of essentially everything can make splurging a bit of a tenuous task. Fortunately, our online Black Friday weekend party means you’ll be able to get the hosting resources you want without having to live on ramen noodles for the rest of the month.

In fact, with these incredible savings you could host something yourself. A website or a party – either one is plausible with the amount of cash you’ll be saving on our deals.

Black Friday deal #1 – 80% off web hosting

We’re kicking off our Black Friday party sale with a virtual giveaway.

You’ll get 80% off on any 1-year HOSTAFRICA web hosting package registered between Black Friday and Cyber Monday. This applies to annual billing only.

We don’t need to explain how massive this deal is. But we will, using this graph below.

If ever you wanted to get your foot into the online world, this is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for.

HOSTAFRICA Black Friday shared hosting prices

What web hosting is good for?

Quite simply – everything.

Web Hosting is an all-around good choice to start with if you want to get a website. You don’t need much technical skill (if any) to run and maintain your website and secure it.

Of course, you’ll need to be familiar with a computer or able to navigate things digitally. This’ll make following up on updates, patches, and the general maintenance of your site less of a mission.

If you have a personal website, or you’re running a small-to-medium business, this is perfect for you. The low cost makes it an affordable entry fee to the online business or website realm.

Our Black Friday special essentially gifts you a chance to get your metaphorical site into the airways and become less of an idea, and more of a reality.

We suggest you take it, lest your website remains in the virtual world, and we don’t mean the one that exists in computers.

Black Friday deal #2 – 50% off reseller hosting

Time to get your reseller business on the move and maximise your profits.

You’ll get 50% off reseller hosting ordered and registered between Black Friday and Cyber Monday. This applies to any billing period.

There’s nothing quite like starting a business in a market that’s hungry for solutions. This is exactly the opportunity we’re offering with our reseller hosting.

HOSTAFRICA Black Friday and Cyber Monday reseller hosting prices

What is reseller hosting good for?

It’s an excellent way to enter the hosting business without handling all the web hosting infrastructure.

Many South Africans are either desperate to enter the online world or on the fringe of getting a website for themselves. That means as a reseller you’re primed to capitalise on an already existing need.

Even more so this Black Friday as the capital you need to start your reseller hosting is reduced by 50 percent. That’s capital you can allocate to providing even more perks, or simply bagging it for other expenses.

Either way, this bargain makes starting a profitable reseller business even more feasible than it already is.

Black Friday deal #3 – 50% off any VPS hosting

For the lover of virtual personal space, we’ve got just the thing for you.

Enjoy 50% off any VPS container hosting package ordered and registered between Black Friday and Cyber Monday. This applies to any billing period.

We know having an unshared space ticks all the boxes for freedom and resource usage, that’s why we decided to hand our personal space web hosts an unbeatable discount as well.

HOSTAFRICA Black Friday and Cyber Monday VPS hosting deals and prices

What is container hosting good for?

Those familiar with hosting will know that the main draw for a containerised virtual private server (VPS) is the complete isolation from other clients and 100 percent resource distribution.

Think of it as a personal dedicated server but using only the resources you’re able to afford, instead of buying the entire server.

With our VPS hosting you can expect all the favourites, such as:

  • Unlimited traffic
  • CentOS, Ubuntu, and Debian support
  • 100 percent resource allocation within your container
  • Full root access to tinker as you please
  • Incredibly fast to deploy

The only issue you might encounter is that you underestimated how much resources you’ll be using. Fortunately, we handle upgrades nearly as quickly as these bad boys deploy, so resource allocation won’t be an issue for long. Neither will anything else, come to think of it, since our support team is always on their A-game.

Black Friday deal #4 – 6 months free Backups

Backup and safety should be available (and significant) to everyone. That’s why Acronis Cloud Backups are a must.

Protect your servers or devices with six months free Acronis Cloud Backup Solutions between Black Friday and Cyber Monday. This applies to the teeny plan only.

Those who’ve had anything hacked or lost data without a backup will know just how critical security and backups are. Those of you who haven’t experienced it, know that it’s a lesson you’d prefer not learning from personal experience.

What is Acronis Backup Solutions good for?

In a nutshell, it keeps your data safe and secure from a range of attacks and sometimes unintentional mishaps on your own part.

If you’re familiar with the digital world, one thing you’ve probably come to take for granted is being able to undo certain actions. Unfollowing a page, retyping a document, resetting a password, etc.

Malicious attacks or catastrophic accidents don’t allow for this ‘undo’ course of action. You’re faced with the unforgiving reality that your data or website is lost and there’s very little, if anything, that can be done about it.

Given that context, prevention is better than cure (assuming there is one). Put security at the forefront this Black Friday and rest easy knowing your data will be safe and protected from external forces, and sometimes even your own accidents.

Make the most of Black Friday and Cyber Monday

We know you’ve got a shopping list of trinkets you’d like to acquire this Black Friday and Cyber Monday. And why shouldn’t you? You deserve to spoil yourself.

In that same vein, why not spoil future you as well and not succumb to the wave of instant gratification that can easily take a hold when looking at catalogues.

Web hosting and its many variants can be investments for the future. Be it by hosting your business website, starting a profitable blog, or reselling hosting.

Admittedly, anything bought during this weekend will provide that dopamine rush, including our own products. But only a product like web hosting can possibly change your vocational paradigm in such a way that you have more options than before you bought it.

It allows you to viably open your own online store, realistically become a professional blogger, seriously enter the reseller hosting business, or simply expand your current project to the online world and increase your reach.

Our specials are not just for right now. They’re investments that can send future you on a completely different trajectory. That’s something worth buying into.

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